The Builders


The history of the cathedral builders is very interesting and numerous emergent figures provide an outline of the history of architecture, not only in Piedmont. Giovenale Boetto was also a realistic engraver and the reverse side of Baroque magnificence; Carlo and Amedeo di Castellamonte supported two generations of the Court and its territory; Francesco Gallo left enlightening hints for exploring a province; Filippo Juvarra was the prince of architecture; Benedetto Alfieri was his academizing student; Giuseppe Girolamo Buniva left traces of Vittone’s Guarini revival in Pinerolo; Bernardo Antonio Vittone himself in the cities and in the countryside; the Casale nobleman Francesco Ottavio Magnocavallo brought a Palladian revival typical of Veneto art; the Neoclassical Giuseppe Maria Talucchi’s work included Vigone’s magnificent parish church.

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